Return Policy

Ordering an incorrect product does not warrant an exchange or refund.

Prior to ordering any item from 1c2c, it is your responsibility as the purchaser to check the product specifications with the manufacturer to ensure that the product is compatible with and recommended for use with your existing system equipment, including the operating system and all component hardware and software. Up-to-date specifications can generally be found at the manufacturer’s web site, and product compatibility can be confirmed by contacting the technical support staff of the respective manufacturer.

1c2c sells all products strictly under the manufacturers' terms and conditions (which include warranties and return policies).

Warranty/Service for Defective products

All products are governed under the manufacturer’s specific warranty, and as such, you must contact the manufacturer directly for product servicing/repairs. The contact information for the warranty/service center can generally be found on the respective manufacturer’s web site or in the product manual.

If you receive a defective product, it is your responsibility to send the product for repair or exchange to the respective manufacturers' warranty/service centre, You, the customer is responsible for any applicable shipping and handling charges. The manufacturers will repair, return or replace defective products in accordance with their own policies.

Word of caution

Before returning any item to the Manufacturer's warranty/servicing centre , please obtain a Returned Materials Authorization (RMA) number from the product manufacturer. The RMA number MUST be obtained before shipping any items to the respective manufacturer’s warranty/service centre.

Please make sure that you have the correct address of the Manufacturer's Warranty/Service Centre & correct instructions. 1c2c accepts no responsibility for products that are returned to the Manufacturer's warranty/Service centre.

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